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Catalyst | How to crush Finals Week!

Whether you’re graduating or preparing for summer break Catalyst is here to assist you through your last week of finals!  For the entire week of finals, we will be conducting residential events held everyday to help prepare you for success.  On April 28th, we will be raffling off a basket filled with your finals week necessities including #2 pencils, highlighters, energy drinks, gum, Emergen-C, flash cards, printer paper, notebooks, and more! Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day Catalyst will be offering all kinds of goodies every morning Monday through Friday at 8am.  Success starts with confidence, so we will also be providing munchies with motivational quotes Monday afternoon to help residents who need the extra boost of motivation!  

We know our residents will be on a time crunch this week, so we teamed up with Hopkirk Towing and will be providing late night pizza at 10pm on Tuesday to our residents.  Final’s week can be stressful and what better way to relieve that stress than with Krispy Kream donuts Wednesday at 10pm.  

Thursday we will be celebrating our 2017 graduates accomplishments with cake in the clubhouse at 2pm.  And finally Friday we will celebrate over some chick fil a in the clubhouse at 8 am!  May is a busy month so make sure to stay tuned for more updates regarding events and good luck on your finals!