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Catalyst | Let the Summer Games begin!

Let the Summer Games begin!  It’s time to break out the sandals, grills, and swimsuits because summer has officially started! Catalyst will start renovations in preparation for the new leasing season and will be adding a fresh look in various places throughout the property starting with the new additions to the Fitness Center! We just added the Prism Fitness Deluxe that includes medicine balls, exercise mats, rollers, quick switch flex handles, and resistance cables that will certainly keep you in great shape throughout beach season.  Since we know how much our resident’s love taking advantage of the 24/7 access to the fitness center we couldn’t just stop there. After listening to your request, we have a BIG surprise coming this month that will have you excited about working out and burning those calories.  
As the leasing season is coming to an end, we want to thank all our renewals that decided to stay with us for another leasing season! We really appreciate your loyalty and we will continue to keep striving to ensure that you keep having a wonderful experience living with us through the next school year.  For our graduates who have to decide to move out, just remember to make a good game plan and allow yourself plenty of time to ensure yourself a successful stress-free move-out. 

Summer classes are halfway finished so make sure to finish strong and remember to stay hydrated because it’s certainly going to be hot beautiful summer!